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    Boost your communication thanks to the Alimac self adhesive carry handle

    With the self adhesive carry handle by Alimac you can print everything you want or need directly on the tape carry handle, is it a new message without changing the original packaging or the highlights of some information.

    Print your brand name, your logo, a temporary promotion… everything you need to make your product unique!

    Make an impact, be quickly seen!

    Increase product visibility with an up to 8 solid colors print. Stand out at shelf level!

    Make your products memorable!

    The printed tape carry handle give a unique image and shape to your packaging, making the difference and creating a memorable image.

    Be different!

    he tape carry handle allow more direct communication and it's easier to grab, maling your product a better choice.

    And if you prefer more discreet solution, you can choose to have a completly trasparent tape carry handle or with just some writings or minimal image, reducing the visual impact leaving intact the existing product image.

    Alimac hold on packaging is at highest levels of the market

    Alimac self adhesive carry handle is light in weight while being strong and very safe for your customer to carry around.

    Capable of handling package up to 21Kg and more, if requested by some industrial applications, the tape carry handle is the result of the vertical expertise and strict quality policy of Alimac.

    Alimac R&D dept. tests the product cycle of life considering moisture conditions, temperature variations, conditions of mechanical stress, capacity of elongation and every other aspect potentially able to modify a strong and reliable hold.

    Most importantly, thanks to this adhesive tape carry handle your customer can be more comfortable and safe when carry around your product, swinging it, make it impact with something or just bring it upstair.

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    Handling a product in a comfortable way at sale point, at home and outdoor, increases the customer care levels towards end-consumers

    Packaging is more functional and easy to carry

    No problems any more with bulky packs,multipacks or packages with a shape making them uncomfortable to grab, lift and carry. These packages can inhibit the consumer buying process.

    Comfort increases the end consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

    Many Alimac customers consider the tape carry handle a tool improving the “care” of the brand towards end-consumers, thus making the brand shopping experience more positive. Marketing studies all around the world show that a positive shopping experience increases the repeated sales.
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    Comfort removes some negative effects of other handling systems

    Lack of comfort and care for consumer; “Cut finger“ effect, mainly due to hard and sharp edges; Partial hold: just few fingers can grab, lift and carry; Uncomfortable hold: it is impossible to grab more items or keep the package for longtime.

    Comfort makes it possible to carry the packaging for a longer time

    that creates new usage occasions of the product (i.e. outdoor activities such as walking, trekking, pic-nic, beach, etc.) encouraging new sales.
    Some competitors of Alimac customers do not offer this advantage because they do not have a handling system at all, or their system is too uncomfortable.

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