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1. What is a tape carry handle?
The tape carry handle is a strip of polypropylene with a coating layer and a non-adhesive part for the hand.
2. Where is the Alimac tape carry handle applied?
The Alimac tape carry handle is very versatile and can be applied to various packages handled by consumers. The Alimac tape carry handle is generally applied to beverage packaging where there are many different formats. It is applied to packaging with different surfaces, such as: shrink film (e.g. multipacks), PET bottles, gallons, large bottles, cartons, bricks, flexible plastic, and rigid packs.
3. How is the Alimac tape carry handle applied?
The tape carry handle is applied to packaging in three ways:
• automatic application using a handle applicator
• semi-manually with a small device for small productions or temporary sale promotions
• manual applications
4. How many applications are there?
Alimac tape carry handles perform all five market applications: Top, Oblique, Side, Carton pack and Bottom. Alimac gives advice about the best solution for the customer’s packaging
5. In which sectors can the Alimac tape carry handle be applied?
The Alimac tape carry handle is used in many sectors - beverages, water and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk and dairy drinks, tissue & toiletries, construction and many others.
6. How strong is it?
The Alimac tape carry handle lifts and carries up to 21 kg for consumers’ packages and up to 30 kg for industrial packages. It has a safe hold, at the highest levels of the market. All the daily movements and physical stresses are carefully taken in consideration.
7. Can the Alimac tape carry handle be customized?
Yes, it can. The artwork can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The colours can be chosen and the logo, motto, benefits, barcode, and QR code included. The technical aspects are also customized - length, thickness etc.
8. Is it recyclable?
The Alimac tape carry handle is eco-friendly and has an easy and fast recycling process (polypropylene). In some countries, it is used instead of plastic bags reducing the consumption of plastic (20 grams of plastic bag compared to 1 gram of tape carry handle).
9. What are the advantages for end-consumers?
The Alimac tape carry handle can make the consumer shopping experience more positive. Shopping is easier - bulky packaging, uncomfortable packages and more items in the same hand can be lifted and carried. After purchase at the point of sale, it is easier to carry packaging to the car and from the car to home. The Alimac tape carry handle enables customer care levels of consumers to be increased and some barriers to purchasing to be reduced.


1. What is a handle applicator?
The handle applying machine is an automatic packaging machine that applies the tape carry handle to packaging.
2. How many types of Mactec handle applicator are available?
Mactec presents a wide range of handle applicators (+20 models) that implements 2 technologies: pneumatic or electronic. The pneumatic models work with a compressed air system. The electronic models use modern servo-driven technology - the application head has one arm operated by two servomotors.
3. Are Mactec handle applicators suitable for any production line?
Yes, they are. The Consultancy Service will help customers to optimize the positioning of the machine in the existing production line.
4. Is a handle applicator easy to manage?
Yes, it is. All the Mactec handle applicators are equipped with PLC software for setting up a wide range of packaging formats, parameter checks, remote diagnosis and assistance. A training service is available.
5. What is the speed of application?
The highest speed is in Top application (single lane) - 100 packs per minute. In the three-lane configuration, it is 300 packs per minute. The speed depends on the type of application and packaging formats.
6. How much space does the Mactec handle applicator take?
Mactec handle applicators are space-saving. They are designed and built for minimal global impact on the existing production line. The installation service is included. Mactec equipment is modular.
7. How is the spare parts service organized?
We provide a complete local service of assistance and spare parts for handle applicators and their components. Delivery time can vary according to the countries.
8. Do you offer a maintenance programme?
Yes we do. Mactec has developed a routine maintenance programme which is important in ensuring long-term efficiency and customer satisfaction.


1. What is the Alimac-Mactec Integrated System (AMIS)?
The AMIS is an “all-inclusive” solution in the packaging handling business. It includes the manufacturing of tape carry handles and handle applicators in the same company. A single global service provider for your handling packaging projects.
2. What are the advantages of the Alimac-Mactec Integrated System?
The AMIS offers many benefits. Some of them are: excellent tape-machine interaction, just one supplier to manage, one integrated technical assistance team, custom commercial formula and a wide range of products and prices.
3. What is the tape / machine interaction?
To simplify it is how the tape carry handle flows in handle applicator reels and how it performs on the package. This interaction plays a key role in application performance. Many factors can influence regular and precise application.
4. What are the components of the AMIS system?
They are the 100% in-house tape carry handle manufacturing process, the manufacturing process of the handle applicator 100% made in Italy, the best tape/machine interaction, hold tests on packaging, and application tests for handle applicators.


1. What are the Alimac Group services?
The Alimac Group is a company strongly dedicated to customer care services before, during, and after the sale. We provide a complete 360 ° support to the customer to optimize the investment made.
2. Is a Customer Assistance service available for handle applicators?
We support our customers with three levels of assistance: 24-hour assistance by phone and e-mail, the check on the machine via software and a local technical assistance with an expert team on-site.
3. What is the most suitable tape carry handle for my package?
Each packaging project is custom. Our technical staff will give you the best solution considering the type of packaging and the product image.
4. What about the installation of the handle applicator?
Our 360° customer service includes installation services. We will take care of every installation phase - engineering, test of the machine application, positioning in the production line, general test, installation format and commissioning.
5. What about training for Mactec Handle Applicator?
We provide Training Service to ensure optimal use of the machine and avoid and solve technical problems. We offer on-the-job training for the client's staff about machine production processes, settings, ecc.


1. What are the advantages of the Alimac tape carry handle for manufacturers and retailers?
The main advantages are: more innovative packaging than competitors, better brand/product communication and better shopping experience for end consumers.
Easier and faster logistics operations for the retailers (i.e. faster stocking of shelves, code rotation and easy product identification).
2. What are the main differences of Alimac tape carry handles compared to other handling systems?
The Alimac tape carry handle differs from other handling systems because of better comfort, communication capability and evident economic benefits.
3. Why is the Alimac tape carry handle an innovative handling system?
The Alimac tape carry handle gives an economic advantage over other handling systems and is an innovative way of taking care of the end-consumer. It offers a comfortable grip, removes the “cut fingers” effect and offers the possibility of carrying many items with just one hand.
4. How does it improve brand communication compared to other systems?
The Alimac tape carry handle gives greater space to reinforce your brand communication. Sales promotions, key benefits, the logo or QR Code can be printed. The packaging will be more eye-catching thus increasing brand recognition.
5. How Alimac tape carry handle encourages sales?
Alimac tape carry handle makes the packaging more comfortable, functional and eye-catching. It can produce five effects for sales:
• Increasing the impulse buys
• sales volumes are higher (more items in one hand)
• it increases brand recognition and brand visibility
• it increases loyalty and repeat purchases
• it encourages new uses of the product - greater comfort allows it to be carried for a longer time.

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