CBST1 in Shanghai (China)

Mactec attended the International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST) in Shanghai (China) from 22 to 24 November.

Mactec was at CBST, the 8th China International beverage industry exhibition on Science & Technology. The exposition took place in Shanghai at the New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from 22-24 November.

The China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology was held by the China Beverage Industry Association, an authorized organization in the industry, which has organized 7 exhibitions in the last 14 years.

Mactec, a brand of Alimac Group, participated in this top level exhibition in the beverage industry with its wide range of handle applicators and innovative solutions for the packaging industry.

As Mactec is an integral part of Alimac, the international market leader in manufacturing tape carry handles since 1990, it delivers high added value due to more than 20 years’ experience in the beverage industry. The use of 2 core technologies, the production of tape carry handles and handle applicators, is the key success factor for delivering excellent handled solutions. The outcome of this synergy is the Mactec System, a “unique” system in the market with a complete turnkey solution - the machine solutions, tape carry handle solutions and a wide array of services related to both technologies.

Mactec has a subsidiary in China with a showroom and commercial offices, and has new offices in Singapore. The latest generation of Mactec handle applicators meeting all market needs in terms of speed, applications, shape and size of the packaging, kinds of technology, machine dimensions, and other relevant elements can be seen in China.

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